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Virtual Trainers - Marshall Career & Technical Institute

The Marshall Career and Technical Institute, Carlson Stewart, and Bend Rite have received a $15,000 LYFT Innovation Grant.

This project will be delivered in our Advanced Welding classes for students in grades 10-12. These classes take place every semester throughout the school year. It would also include the collaboration with our business partners to come in and present to our classes, student being able to take classroom trips, and possible support with funds and/or materials.

Our community business partners are sponsoring various projects, supplies, and equipment. In conversations with Bend Rite and Carlson Stewart we have a need to continue to build upon our welding courses to support the needs in our community.

Carlson Stewart and Bend Rite have been staples in our welding classes to support the ever-demanding field of welding. With their partnership to ensure we have access to a virtual welder will not only support our work within the schools, but to also support the work they are doing on the job and in the career field.

Carlson Stewart has agreed to a monetary funds sponsorship to help in the purchasing of the virtual welding machine. They have also committed to presenting to students and inviting student to see the work firsthand.

Bend Rite as committed to helping with our partnership as well. They will continue to support class visits to the Bend Rite shop to learn and see more about the career field. They will continue to come to the schools to talk with students as well as work to do side by side work with student and/or welding demonstrations.

The school district is committed to the expansion of our CTI, which includes improving the opportunities for our students to engage in hand on welding as well as to gain real world experiences in the field of welding.

Students will receive their Lincoln Electric Certification in four welds. As we continue to expand, and with the support of our partnerships and the virtual welder, we could increase the certifications in time.

The goals are to purchase a virtual welder than can support and enhance the learning of the students in our advanced welding courses. This will allow students to better understand the welds they are to be able to demonstrate, work on them to improve their skills and then to be able to move to the live welders with products and materials.

This will be measurable in a variety of ways:
  • Students will complete proficient welds in their final product welding assessments for certification.
  • The number of students who complete certification will be measurable.
  • The reduction of wasted materials and expenditures on materials will be measurable.
  • Students who enter the workforce upon completion of the class can also be measured.

For more information contact Amanda Pederson at OR 507-537-6210.

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