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Industry 4.0 - Luverne Schools

Luverne Area High School, Luverne Body Shop, and Backdraft MFG have received a $12,000 LYFT Innovation Grant.

This project is aimed at high school students ranging from freshman through senior year students. The ultimate goal is to engage students in safe exposure to real world problem solving and new industry 4.0 technology and concepts. Starting from teaching simple skills to ultimately students being able to design, build and use specialized equipment manufactured in the school.

This project will expose students to basic skills, tools and concepts that are applicable to trades ranging from construction labor by teaching job site safety, organization and management, industrial maintenance by teaching electrical and automation controls, the opportunities for students to be exposed to and learn about almost any skilled trade to management career are endless and only limited to students' interests.

There are plans for machinists, welders, auto technicians and engineers from partnering businesses to provide modules and teaching resources as well as having these professionals come to teach lessons in the classroom.

This CTE project will provide students with a broad spectrum of applicable manufacturing, construction, and engineering skills and experience through current industry practices. The project will include both local industry modules and student led problem solving projects.

The goals are for students to be able to construct a useful product utilizing modern manufacturing concepts and processes, along with this, students will maintain and repair community projects as time and needs permit. This will be measured using standards provided by community partners and experts.

Business partners have committed to aiding in curriculum that is aimed at promoting modern problem solving that will apply to real world current issues locally as well as helping fund the project and coordinating with other local businesses that will help drive the project in a direction that will help the community.

The project will be assessed using industrial manufacturing and auto repair standards provided by community experts examining final outcomes.

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