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Augmented Reality Careers - YME & RCW Schools

Empowering Future Innovators: AR you ready for Augmented Reality (AR) Careers

A partnership between the Yellow Medicine East (YME) High School, Renville County West (RCW) High School, COMPAS Media Artist, Deacon Warner, support from Autumn Cavender Wilson & Scott Demuth, City of Granite Falls, Pioneer Public TV received a $15,000 LYFT Career Pathways Innovation grant.

This CTE project aims to empower rural high school students with AR skills, providing hands-on learning and career readiness. It combines classroom instruction, tours, and practical projects, creating immediate impact within the local community. Collaborations with local businesses, government, and experts extend the reach of AR technology creating new and innovative career possibilities.

Expert mentors in the field of AR both locally & regionally will be working with students to create augmented reality projects.

Measurable outcomes include expanded career possibilities, internships, and college bound trajectories. The project serves around 35 students in grades 9-12 and addresses local workforce needs.

Our business partners play a pivotal role in driving and supporting this Augmented Reality project, focusing on interactive mapping of Granite Falls, MN, with applications, tourism and community engagement. Their active involvement extends the project's scope and potential benefits. This hands-on approach allows students to understand how AR can be applied practically, benefiting both the city and local businesses, with potential new jobs and or internships.

The project also opens the door to college visits and workshops, showcasing the opportunities available in AR-related courses to potential students. This collaboration fosters engagement and nurtures interest in AR technology, aligning students with educational paths that can foster future careers and potential to earn CTE articulated credits in the field of graphic design.

Through collaboration with both YME and RCW, students and staff gain essential support in this growing technical art field. The project acts as a platform to show student new career paths, develop talents and build soft skills while building valuable relationships with local businesses and artists specializing in AR. This partnership not only advances the project's goals but also creates an impact on the students and their communities.

The goals of this LYFT augmented reality project is to create new career opportunities for students from YME & RCW. It will connect education with real-world needs, foster local tourism and community building. Measurable outcomes include possible job internship opportunities, create new stronger local workforce possibilities, and community AR map. Ultimately, it's about preparing students for AR careers and boosting the rural area's economy.

We will be creating a augmented reality community map with stories, art, and points of interest. This will be in collaboration with graphic artists who work with augmented reality that can guide us on the project.

For more information contact Tamara Isfeld at OR 320-564-4081 ext. 186.

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