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Advanced Welding - Ortonville Schools

Ortonville High School and CNH Industries have received a $7,500 LYFT Innovation Grant. Students will use the welding simulator to improve their skills and will transition to actual welders that are state of the art equipment. (Provided by CNH Industries) The experimental learning is that the students can use the simulator to stick weld and mig weld without actually using metal and all of the supplies that are needed when you actually weld. It also will be in the format more like a gaming system where students will be able to overcome any fears they might have and only concentrate on learning the skills required to weld.

The CTE Project will be delivered as a classroom situation that will allow students to practice all welding techniques in stick welding and mig welding. Students will get immediate feedback on travel speed, proper angle, height above the weld with feedback on each weld within seconds of completion of the weld.

Having a welding simulator in our school will benefit students in some of the following ways.

Increase practice opportunities and repetition without increasing consumable cost. All students will have the opportunity to improve all the skills needed to weld without the worry of high voltage, hot metal, damage to their eyes, or wasting other consumable resources.

To build confidence before live welding. Students will have the time to concentrate on building skills without the worry of making uncorrectable errors that are associated with live welding.

The welding simulator will enable our students to refine all welding skills. They will learn proper techniques and explore welding career paths while saving on costly consumables. To attract students to the welding program. This could be used at any school event like career day, open house, or just about any event to let students see what welding is like and find success that can lead to an increase in students joining the program. We will introduce the simulator to all eighth-grade students in our school and give them a chance to see that welding could be something any of them could do.

During career exploration students try welding on the simulator without them having to worry about the spark, the heat, or the fire that can typically scare students away from welding. With a simulator kids can pick up the electrode and start working to build muscle memory and skills.

With this program we will be able to better engage today’s students in these high demand, high skilled, high wage careers. The Technology is the key for today’s students by using virtual reality simulation tools that help CTE instructors step out of their comfort zone and engage students in welding and manufacturing careers and provide hands-on, real-world opportunities to learn many valuable trade skills.

A local manufacturing business has taken an interest in the success of our program in hopes of sparking the interest and talent of the students to consider a career in welding and fabrication. They have donated material, helped provide guidance to myself and will be actively participating with the students to help provide a real world knowledge and experience. They have expressed a commitment to donating time, knowledge, real world projects for students to make and funds now and in the future to aid in the success of the students and this program. With this school’s dedication to teach lifelong skills, the business partners assistance, the tools we are trying to purchase and the instructor's passion to bring this all together, students will feel accomplished in the completion of each of the classes offered and have a great foundation for a lifelong career in welding and fabrication.

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