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Youth Career Connector - MRVCTEC, Canby, DB and LqPV

A partnership between Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC), Minnesota River Valley Career and Technical Education Collaborative, Canby High School, Dawson-Boyd High School, Lac qui Parle Valley High School, Yellow Medicine East High School, and several area employers have received a $14,375 LYFT Pathways Innovation award.

The Youth Career Connector not only provides students with exposure to local businesses but provides an opportunity for students to build professional relationships and expand their social network. It also creates real-time learning about the occupations that are in demand.

The goal is for these youth to spend less time and money on college programs they ‘thought’ they were interested in. Employers will make connections with aspiring workers and will develop relationships with them as they graduate and continue along career pathways.

Ultimately, our communities and economies will be strengthened through the retention and training of local talent, whose presence will bolster the local workforce and help businesses meet their workforce needs. They will become community and economic contributors and, eventually, community and economic leaders. Every event, every speaker, and every experience have the ability to influence and impact a student’s career and/or education decision. It opens up a world of opportunities and professional relationships that many students didn’t even know possible. These decisions then can ultimately impact the local labor market and overall economic health of southwest Minnesota.

For more information contact Carrie Bendix at Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council. 

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