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Yellowstone Productions - RCW and YME Schools

Renville County West and Yellow Medicine East High Schools along with their partners at Ridgewater College, Pioneer Public Television, Creative Details and other businesses were awarded $50,000 in LYFT Pathway funds to develop Yellowstone Productions.

Yellowstone Productions will be a new year long project-based class that will have students from the two schools collaborate on the development of video and other promotional materials to showcase the communities and businesses that are part of the Yellowstone trail Alliance, MN Chapter. Funds will be used to purchase professional grade video and production equipment that students from the two schools will use collaboratively.

Students will work independently, interdependently and within teams made up of students from both districts to form the Yellowstone Productions course. The teams will be organized by specialty and will work independently on a preassigned task and will report to the whole group weekly. The teachers will act as facilitators and project managers to guide students, but the objective is for students to create and make decisions on how to create a product(s) that will not only impact their own schools and hometowns, but the businesses and economic development of the greater area.

During the 2019-20 school year, 85 students took part in this project.

During the 2020-21 school year, 101 students took part in this project. 

For more information contact Tammy Isfeld at YME Schools.

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  • Arts, Communications, and Information Systems