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Food Truck - GSL and Lester Prairie Schools

A partnership between Glencoe-Silver Lake High School, Lester Prairie High School, Ridgewater College and several local food service businesses received $50,000 in LYFT Pathways funding to initiate a self-sustaining food truck business.

Through this applied learning experience students will learn culinary and business processes to successfully run a food truck business. Students will gain a food handler certification and/or ServSafe certification in addition to acquiring articulated college credits, workplace skills and real-life experience. Each food truck class of students would get to develop their business plan and food product plan from scratch to run for the length of the course.

During the 2021-22 school year, nine students took this course.

For more information contact Glencoe-Silver Lake Schools.

  • Business, Management, and Administration
  • Hospitality and Tourism