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CrowCAPS Maps - BBE, Paynesville, NLS and Sauk Centre Schools

Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa School District, Paynesville Area School District, New London-Spicer Schools, Sauk Centre Public Schools, Ridgewater College, Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services along with numerous manufacturing companies were awarded $39,344 in LYFT Pathways funding to prepare students for entry-level jobs in manufacturing, construction and automation.

Enrollment throughout two years of high school can earn a student up to 8 college credits and a Manufacturing Production certificate through Ridgewater College. The manufacturing courses are delivered through a Ridgewater College instructor online or a qualified local instructor in the given manufacturing areas. The businesses partners will host classroom students and participate in the instruction in collaboration with the instructor. Students will be putting in 3-4 hours per week in their Internship during these same hours or during out-of-school time. These internships can be customized to a number of different manufacturers in the partnership.

During the 2021-22 school year, three students took this course. 

For more information contact Patrick Walsh at BBE Schools.

  • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology