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Technology & Trades on the Prairie
Redwood Area Community Center

The Career Institute is designed to create an awareness for students of all the career opportunities available in southwest Minnesota focused on technology and trade.

The Career Institute is a highly interactive career exploration event for Redwood County 8th graders. Several business, agency and education volunteers work together to provide this opportunity. Technology and Trades on the Prairie (TTOP) invites you to represent your occupation and/or industry at the upcoming Career Institute.

The Career Institute provides unique hands-on, project-based, experiential learning opportunities for students to explore, experience, and become exposed to the skills needed for our workforce today and tomorrow. This year's sessions will include healthcare, law enforcement, construction, plumbing, electrical, agronomy, energy, mechanics, and so much more.

The event will be held from 9:00 am – 1:55 pm on Wednesday, May 8 in Redwood Falls at the Redwood Area Community Center is located at 901 E. Cook Street, Redwood Falls, MN 56283.

Career Institute Audience
  • Redwood Area Middle/Junior High Schools in Redwood County.
    • Primarily, schools are considering sending their 8th graders.
    • We are estimating 275-300 8th graders to attend.
Career Institute Activities
  • Fast-paced 20-minute session with interactive audience participation.
  • The session should demonstrate necessary skills critical to carry out said occupation and/or industry.
  • Interactive could be project based, experiential, hands-on.
  • Bring swag to promote your business, industry and/or occupation.

Career Institute Partners: Farmward, Altimate Medical, CentraCare, Schult Homes, Redwood Area Development Corporation, Redwood Area Community Foundation, Redwood County Economic Development Authority, Minnesota West Carl Perkins Consortium, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, and SWWC Service Cooperative.