What is LYFT?

    Launch Your Future Today (LYFT) Pathways funding is available to high schools (and their partners) to develop shared career and technical education (CTE) courses and programs. 
    LYFT is a rural CTE pathway initiative with the purpose of rebuilding CTE in southwest and west central Minnesota. The goal of LYFT Pathways is for every secondary student in the region to gain marketable skills through meaningful CTE courses and opportunities which lead to further education and careers that match our region’s labor market needs.
    LYFT is funded through a state-wide $3 million Rural Career and Technical Education (CTE) Consortium Grant, which was passed by the Minnesota Legislature.

    LYFT Highlights

    • One high school cooperating with at least one business or industry related partner.
    • Development of new CTE courses, programs experiences or expansion of existing courses.
    • Matching local or regional labor market needs.
    • Collaboration with business partners for program content.
    • Hands-on learning opportunities.
    • Sustainable after first year funding.