• Experience



    Sitting in a classroom, doing online research, or participating in exposure events is one thing, but actually seeing how those concepts are applied in a real work situation is pretty exciting.

    Gaining experience in the real world of work is a great way to see how your studies and education pathway can lead you toward the career of your choice. What are some opportunities to gain real-world experience?

    As you’ve gained experience, you have likely found one or two careers that align best with who you are, but do you have a clear image of who you would like to be in the future? Your vision is a “picture” of what you desire in your work life. Putting this vision into words, can help you establish and reach your CAREER GOALS.

    What’s Next? Once you are ready to pursue a career goal, the next step is to build the TRAINING AND EDUCATION path to achieve success in that career. 

    Questions to ask:

    • What skills do I need for the careers I’m interested in?

    • How will I acquire the skills I need?

    • Who can help me learn more?back to map