•  Exploration
    There are lots of different career options available; over 750 occupations exist in Minnesota alone. So, choosing a career pathway can be a little overwhelming. The best place to start exploring careers is to understand what you enjoy, what you're good at, and what you value most in your life or work environment. Once you know more about yourself, you can learn more about careers that might match what you’ve discovered. There are many occupations that would be an excellent fit, you just need to find them.

    First Stop: Begin your journey by discovering your interests, skills and values.

    • Your school may offer personal assessment tools to help you explore these questions.
    • If not, try these FREE resources. It is good to try more than one assessment as they focus on different criteria.

    Second Stop: Match Careers to Your Interests, Skills and Values.

    Third Stop: Explore Top Career Choices. 

    • Research careers that you're interested in based on what you've learned. 

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