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LYFT Advisory Committee

The committee encompasses broad representation from secondary education, post-secondary education, workforce development, businesses (both public and private sector), and economic development. Working together, the committee establishes the vision, mission, and values for advancing CTE across the region.

The purpose of the committee is to:
  • Provide SWWC oversight, guidance, and support on the administration and execution of the rural CTE funds that flow through the Minnesota Service Cooperative’s Rural CTE Consortium, also known as LYFT Career Pathways in southwest and west central Minnesota.
  • Identify current regional organizations, structures, and processes that can support the region’s CTE system.
  • Work in partnership to develop a sustainable high school CTE system.
  • Share existing resources and help leverage new resources that increase our efficiencies and lead to a sustained system that supports CTE.

Meet the Advisory Committee

Meeting Agendas & Minutes