Labor Market Information

  • Occupations in Demand: Allows you to find out what jobs are in high demand in each region of the state.
    Southwest Minnesota Asset Mapping: Data assembled by the Pathways to Prosperity Network that will serve as the foundation for career pathway planning and design. 
    Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS): Provides high school, college and workforce data by individual school and by economic development region.
    Career Pathways Tool: This dashboard connects educational programming with labor market data to help align educational resources and planning with labor market realities. The primary goal of this dashboard is to help students understand how their educational path matches employment opportunities, and to inform education curriculum, initiatives, and programming.
    Infographics: Through the “Know Before You Go” campaign our goal is to provide easy to read labor market information to educate students and job seekers to make informed decisions about the variety of career options in Southwest Minnesota. Keep in mind that you have local experts ready to assist you by providing industry information, presentations around the topics of career readiness and preparation, job search and career advisory services.