Change in the CNA Reimbursement Language

  • Reimbursement for Tuition, Test-out Fee and Book Fee 
    ​A bill passed in the 2017 Legislative Session allows 3rd Parties paying for an individual’s CNA training costs to be reimbursed if the individual is successfully employed at a nursing home for 90 days. This includes the hard costs of tuition, books, test-out fee and transportation expenses. Reimbursement is requested from Nursing Home/Employer where the individual is employed.
    The documents below - from the Department of Human Services - provide guidance in the process, as well as the needed forms. 
    For more information or questions, please contact Munna Yasiri at the Department of Human Services at
    If you are running into problems, you can also contact MATEC (507-537-6210) or Marshall ABE (507-537-7046). They have successfully completed the reimbursement process and can provide support to those seeking this reimbursement.