• exposure


    Which careers would provide an opportunity for work I might find interesting or exciting?

    As you consider your career pathway, it is important to gain exposure to lots of career options. Gaining exposure in your top careers can take place in various ways. Based on your exploration research, select one job/career you’re most interested in at this time and select one or more of these exposure opportunities:

    First Stop: Career Videos

    Second Stop: Worker Interviews

    Third and Fourth Stops: Workplace Tours, Career Exploration Events and Job Shadows


    Questions to ask yourself:

    • Does this career match my skills, abilities, and what is important to me?

    • Would this career let me do work I find interesting or exciting?

    • Could I tolerate the parts of the job that aren’t as interesting to me?

    • Do I actually like doing the typical tasks?

    • Would I like working in this setting (location & work atmosphere)?
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